Short Breaks

Short Breaks are a way of giving parents of disabled children a break from their caring responsibilities. Short Breaks also benefit the disabled child or young person, helping them to play with friends, keep fit, improve their communication skills, gain independence or simply have fun.

Most disabled children and young people will be able to use leisure activities that can allow parents/carers to take breaks from their caring responsibilities.  These include:

  • Adventure Play
  • After school clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Sports activities 
  • Music lessons
  • Dance and drama
  • Scouts and Guides

Information on these universal services offering short breaks is listed under Life and Leisure

Most families will get the support they need from the range of universal services on offer to them and from the basic offer of Short Breaks.

  • Where a disabled child may have difficulty accessing universal services this should be discussed first with the service provider, and then if additional help is needed, with the Islington Short Breaks Service.
  • A range of targeted short breaks services are available for disabled children with high needs who are assessed as requiring additional support.
  • A small number of families will have exceptional needs that require special provision, for example hospice care, overnight stays or Foster Care placements. The use of specialist services is always based on a needs assessment and a related goal or outcome. 

If you need a break from caring for your child so that you can go to work then this becomes a childcare requirement. Find further information on childcare in Islington.

Contact the Short Breaks Service.

The Short Breaks Local Offer

Local Authorities are required to publish information on what Short Breaks are available in their area and how to access them. This is called the Islington Short Breaks Statement. This includes the eligibility for different levels of support Short Breaks on offer.

Children and young people with more severe and complex needs

Some families may need additional help to use services that provide short breaks.  Support can include staff training, help with transport or specialist equipment. The Council also funds a range of Short Breaks for children and young people with severe and complex needs. These include after-school clubs, weekend clubs, holiday play schemes and day trips.

There are also specialist services that offer short breaks or day care at home or in another carer's home.  These are known as Family Based Short Breaks.

Short breaks can also be arranged through direct payments and personal budgets. See other ways to get a short break for details.

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