Online applications

How to apply online

Online applications must be sent back electronically through an online application form, usually on a company or employment agency website. Alternatively, you may be asked to send a CV as an email attachment. The email should be written in the style of a covering letter. There are some additional factors to bear in mind.

Online application systems vary:

  • some will let you complete the application over several sessions. This means you can save, complete and check the form in stages before sending it off
  • other systems do not allow you to look back at answers. In this situation, you should check each section carefully and print each screen as you go along
  • some may ‘time-out’, so try not to leave too much time between typing each sentence.


  • read the instructions carefully and gather the information you need before you start
  • use an easy to read font such as Arial
  • check your spelling, punctuation and grammar as you go along
  • use formal English – don’t slip into ‘text speak' or slang
  • have a sensible email address, perhaps set one up for serious use
  • don't forget to check your email account regularly and reply to any invitations for interviews promptly and politely
  • remember that employers look at Facebook and other social media sites – do make sure information on yours won’t let you down and that you stay safe when using the internet

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