Adventure Playgrounds - Safe, fun, welcoming and free!


Adventure playgrounds are safe – all adventure playgrounds are Ofsted registered. Children sign in when they arrive so that staff members know who is on the playground at all times. Senior workers at each playground hold a Level 3 qualification or higher. All staff members are police checked, receive regular safeguarding training and follow Health and Safety guideline requirements. There are fully trained first aiders on site whenever the adventure playground is open and any staff or volunteers working with food have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate. Staff members at the adventure playground understand that each child is an individual. Some children may not be ready to come along to the adventure playground or walk home without an adult. Each child’s circumstances are discussed between parents and the staff members at the time of registration so there is an agreement and understanding about your child’s stage of development and independence.


Adventure playgrounds are fun – children attend adventure playgrounds in high numbers because they enjoy spending time there - nearly 4,000 children attend the 12 adventure playgrounds each year. At Adventure Playgrounds playworkers support children to follow their own interests and through doing so ensure children can determine their own playful adventures. There are always exciting and interesting things for children to get involved with, regardless of the weather or the time of year, with everything from sports, cooking, crafts and nature play on offer year round. Children can also spend quiet time with their friends and on their own – playgrounds have books to read, gardens to tend and space for activities away from noise and activity.


Adventure playgrounds are welcoming – Islington is a diverse borough and the adventure playgrounds reflect this! Children across a range of ages from 6 and up attend, there is an even balance of boys and girls, you will hear children speaking a range of languages and the adventure playgrounds support many disabled children and children with special educational needs. Bullying on adventure playgrounds is never tolerated and staff members work together with children, families and other professionals to make sure that all children are included.


Adventure playgrounds are free – once your child is registered at the playground, they can attend whenever the playground is open. There will be some occasions where charges apply, for example when there is a trip off site or if there is a special event taking place at the adventure playground.

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