Job trends and jobs of the future

Using job information, when planning your career and job search, can help you make the right choice

Job market information is often called labour market information (LMI). It shows trends that are happening in business and industry.

LMI includes information about:

  • job opportunities and the skills and qualifications needed to do them
  • business and industry sectors that are growing and will provide new jobs in the future
  • sectors where companies are closing because the economy and what society needs has changed, or will change in the future.

Some of the main trends that are happening in the UK include:

  • the need for more people to have higher level skills and qualifications across all job sectors
  • the demand across all sectors for new workers to replace those who are retiring or leaving for a new career
  • the continued increase in demand for people in caring jobs
  • the need for more people with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills.

There are some useful tools and information you can use to help you find out what's happening with jobs, for example what the weekly pay is and whether these jobs are in demand.


Careerometer lets you search and compare jobs - just 'clear the card' to keep searching and selecting

Also take a look at the latest London Youth Labour Market Summary.

Where are the jobs of the future?

Many new jobs exist now that were not thought of five years ago. Technology, scientific advances and the way we live are changing jobs and the way we work. Take a look at the video below to see how the world of work is changing.

Remember, labour market information is a guide to help you plan - no one can accurately predict the future.

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