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Complaints about Islington Council

If you want to complain, you have the right to do so. Making a complaint won’t affect the services you receive.

How to make a complaint

Social Services complaints

If you have any feedback or wish to make a complaint about any service you receive from Adult Social Services please contact your social worker.

If they can't resolve the issue, or you don't have an allocated social worker, you can send your feedback to the Customer Services Team at the People Directorate. The People Directorate is the council department responsible for Adult Social Services in Islington.

Making a complaint about adult social services

Healthwatch Islington

Healthwatch works on behalf of the local community to provide information about local health, community, and social care services.

  • Healthwatch Islington is not a complaint or advocacy service but it can help people find these services.
  • It is also responsible for gathering views on local services from service users and feeding back these views to local organisations.

To contact Healthwatch:

For more information, visit the Healthwatch website.

Patient Advice and Liaison (PALS) and Complaints Service at Whittington Health

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a service you have received from Whittington Health, you can contact the PALS service:

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