Bright Start New Parents Group

The Bright Start New Parents Group is available to all parents in Islington who have babies under 4 months old. 

The group is a welcoming and friendly space where new parents have the opportunity to meet other new parents in their local area. It is an informal group where mums and dads can connect with one another and share their experiences of parenthood. Parents also have the chance to explore common topics of early parenthood such as feeding, sleep, baby development, adjusting to parenthood and emotional wellbeing. The friendly and knowledgeable group facilitators ensure new parents feel confident about where they can get the information and support they may need during their journey of parenthood.

The group takes place once a week, across 6 weeks. As several groups run across Islington, the day and time of the group varies depending on the location.

If you would like to attend the New Parent’s Group, please book a space using the booking form. If you’re unsure which Bright Start area you live in, you can use the local area finder.

New Parents Group Bright Start North
New Parents Group Bright Start Central
New Parents Group Bright Start South

Alternatively, if you would like support to join the group, please do get in touch with your Health Visitor or visit your local children’s centre to find out more.

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