Support from a Social Worker

If your child and family needs more support than is available through Early Help Services, Bright Start or the Local Offer you will need an assessment by a social worker.

As part of the assessment the social worker will visit you to gather information about your family and your child’s support needs. They will also talk with other professionals who are working with your child and visit your child at school or nursery and other settings (e.g. after school club) as well as at home.

The assessment will also consider your needs as a parent carer and the needs of any siblings in the family.

If the assessment indicates that you do need additional support, the social worker will complete a Supported Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), talk to you about a support plan and advise you about the options of managing this plan.

This could include the option of a Personal Budget which is a way of giving you more choice and control over the support you choose.

Referrals are generally made by a professional who is working with you and your child but you can also refer yourself for a social work assessment.

Where there are any concerns about the health and wellbeing of a child, this will always take the form of a social work assessment.

For further information and support contact the Disabled Children's Social Work Team (DCT).

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