Help for Hoarders UK

Offering help for compulsive hoarders and their families. 

Help for Hoarders are the UK's only charity dedicated to supporting people affected by hoarding behaviours. Their goal is to raise awareness, to de-stigmatise hoarding, and to support those struggling with hoarding disorders. 

The resources available at Help for Hoarders UK include:

  • Links to medical advice
  • Links to therapist and support groups
  • Links to decluttering or cleaning services
  • Educational tools
  • Online community forum
  • Hoarding awareness events
  • Support for friends & family

Who to contact

0203 239 1600 0203 239 1600
Help for Hoarders UK
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The Help for Hoarders UK helpline is open Mon-Fri, 10am - 5pm.

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