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The Parents Peer Support Group is a group of mums and dads who come together to advocate for themselves, each other and on behalf of all parents with LD. The group is designed to promote independence, providing a ‘safe space’ to express their views. They come together weekly to share experiences, provide advice and learn good parenting from each other.

Each week, we bring in speakers and research groups to meet with the group and to share and understand what parents with LDDs and their carers need in the form of support, guidance and re-assurance. In the past this has included speakers from the Open University, Bristol University, London school of Economics, the NHS and researchers from Public Health England. It is also an opportunity for them to learn from the parents and hear about the specialist advocacy services The Elfrida Society can provide. No one can better understand what it is like for a parent with LDDs than them themselves. The experiences they share have been crucial to shape and improve the services for them and their children – not only at The Elfrida Society and the development of the Parents Project, but also local children’s services, research, social services and national service providers.

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The Elfrida Society works with people with learning difficulties in Islington and traces it’s work locally back to 1919. The Elfrida Society aims to make it possible for people with learning difficulties to manage as much of their lives as they want and feel able to do. We provide a range of services including Advocacy, Access to Health, Further Education Classes, Arts Groups, Outreach Support and support for Parents with learning difficulties. We challenge people to focus on strengths, skills and aspirations, and not just on the things that people cannot do, or need support with.

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