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Poseidon Care provides a unique solution for live-in care requirements employing Nepalese Gurkha nurses: 


Poseidon Care senior care workers are qualified as either a BSc or Diploma Nurse. They undertake their training under the supervision (affiliated with Kings College London of Kings College London), taught in English and assessed and qualified in Nepal. All their carers receive theoretical and practical training and are awarded a Care Certificate from Skills for Care. This certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behavior expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors and include factors such as equality and diversity, privacy and dignity, fluids and nutrition, awareness of mental health and dementia, basic life support, infection prevention and control and handling information. The carers also undergo pre-deployment training in cooking, cleaning, bed making, ironing and general housekeeping. 

Caring Culture: For most Nepalese people, care starts at home at an early age. The inner spirit of nursing which is care of people, remains within most of the Nepalese mothers or women who traditionally take care of their family and provide nursing care to the sick, injured and old people within the family. 

Most of the senior care workers at Poseidon Care come from multi-generational homes so are comfortable with keeping a discreet distance and keeping themselves to themselves. However, they are just as comfortable integrating with the family unit.   

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At Poseidon Care we assess the medical, physical and mental requirements of our clients, taking into account individual personalities and then recommend the ideal care package, senior care worker and pricing from our initial assessment.

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