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Islington Shared Lives is a modern and flexible way for adults and young people, aged 16 or over, to receive support and care from within their local community.

Residents are matched with our Shared Lives carers, who are ordinary people from within the community who open their own family home to the person needing support. All our carers are assessed and trained. Shared Lives is different to other types of care in that Shared Lives carers provide wrap around support to a person, in partnership with the person.

Islington Shared Lives aims

  • We aim for the person being supported to live the fullest life they can, to be part of their local community and maintain and promote new skills and confidence
  • We offer people the opportunity to be supported in a family environment and help them to develop meaningful friendships that enable them to live life to the full
  • Our Shared Lives carers can support people to develop travel skills, access the community, go on holiday and achieve goals such as going to college
  • We also support people to develop their independence and move on to greater things in the future.

Receiving the Shared Lives service

Referrals come to us from social workers or social care officers.

If you are eligible to receive this service, Islington Shared Lives can support you to:

  • live independently from your own family while living in a family environment
  • learn a new skill, access the community, and develop more independence
  • build friendships and networks within your local and wider community
  • take the occasional break from your family or stay with someone else while they go on holiday
  • do interesting and fun activities during the day with someone who shares the same interests

Types of Shared Lives arrangements

Long-term arrangements

An individual with an eligible support need will move into a Shared Lives carer's home and live with them as part of their family.

Respite (short break) arrangements

An individual with an eligible support need, who lives in another supported environment (usually with their own family), will stay with a Shared Lives carer for an agreed period and on a regular or periodic basis.

Day support arrangements

An individual with an eligible need will be supported by a Shared Lives carer for a short period of time during the day (not overnight).

Shared Lives carers

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and are paid to provide the support required within the support plan in a non-directed way and in partnership with the person receiving the support. Shared Lives carers are ordinary people from the local community who choose to become Shared Lives carers. They are fully assessed and vetted before being able to provide a service and are regularly monitored and reviewed by the Islington Shared Lives scheme.

To discuss a referral or learn more about Shared Lives, please contact our team.

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