Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme allows you free parking for short periods when you are with your disabled child and/or adult. The scheme is administered by the local authority which deals with applications and issues badges. There are lots of rules about when and where you may park. There are also definitions of disability and which children and/or adults are entitled to use the scheme. These rules and definitions are explained in a Department for Transport booklet which you will be given when you apply. The application form asks for information about the persons disability and their GP's details. Adults with disabilities and/or Parents or carers of children and adults with disabilities in Islington may apply via the Blue Badge Team, which is part of Islington parking.

Who to contact

020 7527 6108 020 7527 6108
Blue Badge Scheme
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London Borough of Islington, Parking Services, Blue Badge Team,
WR10 9BU

Other Details

Cost Details
Who is this service for?
For parents or carers of children with disabilities.
Can I refer myself?
Referral not required
Referral Details

Telephone, then fill an application form.

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