Wesley's Chapel and Leysian Mission

Community Warm Space Offer: Hot & Cold drinks, books, games and a warm space to sit. Monday & Thursday: 11am-4pm

Methodist congregation on the edge of the City of London, where John Wesley was born died and buried. Holy Communion is on Sundays at 9.45am, except on the first Sunday of the month. Morning service is held at 11am on Sunday. Wesley's Chapel, John Wesley's Tomb and the Museum of Methodism are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and on Sunday from 12 noon to 1.45pm. Across the road is the non-confirmist cemetery of Bunhill Fields, where William Blake, Daniel Defoe, and Susannah Wesley are buried.

Wesley’s Chapel and Leysian Mission is a welcoming place of Christian prayer, worship, music, friendship, inspiration and history. The chapel community come from many different countries, backgrounds and traditions. We offer this service as part of our service to the community around us and people wishing to use this service do not need to engage with the faith aspect of our work.

We are a Methodist Chapel who as part of our wider programme offer young adults particularly, but others as well the opportunity for people to identify the transferable skills they are gaining from involvement in places of worship or volunteering.

We work with them on CV development and how to answer application form questions and competency based questions on the bases of the examples we draw out.

We also work with people to identify their own values which may come from a faith or secular position and to identify how that might help them to identify the types of company they wish to work for and what they are looking for in employment.

Our target audience are those aged under 40, particularly the 18-30 age group.

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020 7253 2262 020 7253 2262
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49, City Road

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Clients can self-refer via email or telephone contact.

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On February 9th 2019 we will be holding an employability conference entitled Employing Mind, Body and Spirit A one-day conference taking a holistic approach to finding work and thriving in it.

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