Depression UK

Depression UK is a small national self-help charity run by a team of 15 or more member volunteers that promotes mutual support between those troubled by depression.  We provide  -

  • A Pen-Friend Scheme enabling members to write to fellow 'Helper-Sufferers' in order to share their thoughts and problems etc.

  • A Phone-Friend Scheme offering members the opportunity to talk to others on the telephone. 

  • Up to six newsletters a year, with many contributions from members.

  • A private internet discussion group called D-UK Chat.

  • Information, leaflets, and a telephone information.

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Depression UK
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Depression UK
PO Box 10566
NG13 8LU

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D-UK is run by a team of 15 or more caring non-medical volunteers, who work mainly from their own homes. The majority of these volunteers have either experienced depression themselves or have seen how this insidious illness can destroy the lives of their family members and/or friends. This well trusted charity was founded in 1973, at which time it was known as the Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous. Depression UK, which is entirely self-funded, does not have an Office or paid staff as our volunteers work mainly from their own homes. Our telephone number is an "Information Line" only, and is answered only when a volunteer is available to do that. It must be stressed that we are not qualified to give medical advice. We "care and share". Please join us.

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