Network of Eritrean Women UK (NEW UK)

Network of Eritrean Women UK (NEW UK) is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting the needs of Eritrean women.

NEW UK is a women's non-profit organisation set up to support Eritrean women. Our aim is to facilitate the tools for Eritrean women to assert their human rights and pursue personal empowerment, development and social change. We are a holistic organisation and provide cultural and linguistic specialist advice, information, advocacy, workshops and wellbeing drop-ins targeted to support Eritrean women.

Our services currently include providing advice and information to empower and develop knowledge and skills of Eritrean women, as well as promote the physical and mental well-being of these women by providing health information, advice, training, support and facilitating workshops.

We are currently running a mental well-being drop-in and we feel like Eritreans who are in contact with the Islington Council would benefit from hearing about our work as well as our drop-ins and workshops that we offer in community languages. 

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+4407444485216 +4407444485216
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The Resource Centre
356 Holloway Road
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