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Launched by a small group of stalking survivors and survivor-led organisations, the National Stalking Helpline has grown from a single advisor to the largest service of its type in the world, and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is at the fore of stalking service provision, risk assessment, knowledge, policy, and campaigning in the UK.

The Helpline has evolved from a single member of staff with a phone line, to now answering more than 3,000 one-off advice calls and emails each year, plus offering long-term advocacy support for those who need it. The Helpline team also deliver advocacy services to Londoners, supporting victims to cope with the trauma of being stalked.Recognising that three quarters of all victims of stalking suffer mental health issues and struggle to obtain the help they need, advocates are now providing specialist Trauma Informed Support to complement existing health provision.SPAs support each victim to regain a positive sense of self, to construct meaning from their experiences, to expand their repertoire of choices and skills, to improve their mental health and to empower them to regain control of their life and future as well as advocating on the victim’s behalf with police and other criminal justice systems.

 If you know of anyone who is a victim of stalking direct them to the National Stalking Helpline. If you are working with someone who you believe is being stalked, if they are receiving unwanted, repeated behaviour from an individual who is fixated and obsessed, our dedicated advocates are now available to support victims in London.

Who to contact

0808 802 0300 0808 802 0300
National Stalking Helpline
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There is no venue for the National Stalking Helpline. All advisors work remotely. 

Time / date details

Opening times/date
930am to 4pm week days (930am to 1pm Wednesday).

Other Details

Cost Details
The National Stalking Helpline is free service.
Who is this service for?
Persons who are experiencing stalking and persons who are concerned about others being stalked.
Can I refer myself?
Referral not required
Additional Languages
Translators can be accessed.
Other notes

The National Stalking Helpline is a national service that receives calls from around the country. 

From July 2020 a London Stalking Support Service will have an increased capacity to respond to Londoners. Persons calling from London can press '2' after the national number and this will direct them to London advocates.  

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