Islington's youth hubs and adventure playgrounds

Islington's Youth Offer includes:

A range of facilities and services for young people, including youth hubs, adventure playgrounds, and loads of clubs and groups.

We can also help when things get tough and you need a bit of extra support, or need someone to talk to. 

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Youth Hubs


Lift Youth Hub

Outside Lift

Lift youth hub has a gym, kitchen, dance classes, parkour and free running, archery, table tennis, fencing and fitness classes.

Lift also has music production facilities and group singing lessons. You can also get information and advice, including a Pulse Clinic, employment support and talking therapy.

Check out Lift and Lift's YouTube channel

Platform Youth Hub

Looking across the street to Platform

Platform is a unique, creative venue where young people can learn new skills and spend time with friends.

Platform has a fully equipped theatre, rehearsal space, a media suite, recording studio and a café. Young people can access a range of advice and guidance in a welcoming and safe environment.

Check out Platform and Platform's YouTube channel


Soapbox Islington


A brand new youth centre, opened in September 2017, where you can try new things, create, make and showcase your talents and have fun.

You can develop skills in digital media and technology, music and video production, 3D printing, VR, AR and more!

Check out Soapbox and also Soapbox's YouTube channel

Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl

A youth centre in the heart of Canonbury, it has a roof terrace, sports area, music studio, art space and fitted kitchen.

You can do music, art, sport, drama-based activities and learn circus skills.

Check out Rosebowl and Rosebowl's YouTube channel

Mary's Youth Club

Mary's offers a range of programmes for young people aged 10 to 19 or you can hang out in ‘The Zone’. It also offers 19 to 24 year olds mentoring programmes, volunteer opportunities and training programmes.

Check out Mary's and also Mary's YouTube channel

Mary's Youth Club

Adventure Playgrounds

Islington's adventure playgrounds offer exciting structures on which children and young people can play in a safe environment. Trained playworkers are there to make sure it's fun. You can play freely outdoors, build dens, dig, plant and grow food, learn about nature and get active on the play structures.

Adventure Playground

Another Adventure Playground

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