Money for learning 16-18

If you are starting college or a sixth form course, there may be bursaries or other funds to help you

Ask in your school or college about Learner Bursaries, travel concessions and other financial help. Schools and colleges have funds to help students who can’t otherwise afford to stay on their course. More help/grants are available if you are:

  • a young parent
  • attending a course beyond daily travelling distance
  • attending a residential specialist college.

Islington Council offers a bursary scheme ...

... that gives teenagers from low income families up to £300 a year to help them start in further education. Find out more on the Islington website.

Other help

Your family can also claim family benefits such as Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. Please note: Child Tax Credit is being phased out and replaced by Universal Credit.

Apprentices (those with a job with training) are paid at least the national minimum apprentice rate of £4.30 from April 2021, most earn a lot more (the rate is reviewed every April).

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