Student Finance HE

Make sure you find out about student finance before you go to university

Students in higher education (HE) are charged up to £9,250 a year to study a course, so if you're thinking about HE make sure you find out about the help you can get. This may change for the academic year 2021-2022.

You can take out loans to cover the cost of both tuition fees and living costs. You may also be able to apply for other help such as a non-repayable scholarships and grants from your university.

You only start to repay your loans when you are in employment and earning over £21,000.

In addition, a growing number of employers are offering degree apprenticeships and some universities and colleges are offering shorter, more intense courses.

Details here apply to students living in England and applying to university anywhere in the UK ie. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, as well as England. For further information on student loans and tuition fees have a look at Student Finance England's page on GOV.UK.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis explains the student finance system in the video below.

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