Careers adviser in interview providing young person with guidance

Where to go for help about jobs and finding a job

If any of these situations apply to you, there is help available:

  • need help with finding and applying for jobs?
  • worried about starting a job or apprenticeship?
  • don’t like what you are doing now and want to change direction?
  • not in employment, education or training?

If you are:

  • at school, ask to see your careers or education adviser.
  • no longer at school, the Progress team is a good place to start, or contact the National Careers Service helpline on 0800 100 900.

The advisers will know about the choices open to you. They will have ideas about how you can improve your chances of being successful and support you in your decision making. These might include short courses, which can:

  • help you make some decisions about what to do next
  • help you get back into learning – gradually if that’s what you want
  • give you the chance to try new work skills or courses
  • improve the basic skills that employers and colleges look for, such as everyday English and maths and the ability to work well with people
  • help you look for jobs and courses
  • give you the skills to make good applications and do well at interviews
  • improve your self-confidence.

The Progress Team work out of centres and youth hubs across Islington.

Use Google map to find your nearest youth hub:

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